"Westside Community School of the Arts has really impacted my son, and myself! My son loves the staff at the school, and the teachers really put the children first making sure they stay on track doing their best. The teachers keep me updated with my son's progress, and makes sure his education is priority. I feel comfortable taking him to school every day because it is a very safe school. Looking forward to another school year!!"
-- Sarah W, WCSA Parent

"My experience with the Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts has been positive and exceptional. Whereas going through an intricate personal situation that seem to negatively affect my Kindergartner’s behavior, the Staff of the Westside Community School of the Arts were particularly communicative and accommodating. From the principal to the teachers, all staff members were able to effectively communicate, be understanding and work with us on his behavior. Their discipline plan was applied with patience, caring and kindness. Ms. Stark, Ms. Catalani, Ms. Zydiak, other teachers and administrators were constantly in communication with us throughout different means and never hesitated to call us to ask for our assistance. My son was not only able to thrive academically and move forward to the next grade, but excelled while improving his social skills. This was due to the staff accommodations to meet his individual needs. While being at an advanced reading level, they were able to continue challenging him academically. I recommend the Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts to anyone who wants a staff that really cares about your child and works together with parents to assist your child in having a great foundation for a bright future."
--Ruben R. Sr, WCSA Parent

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WCSA! I have two children that have attended this school since kindergarten, the staff is amazing and 100% involved in the children and everything they do. WCSA also has amazing after school programs for learning and fun my children have attended many and love the programs offered as well as the staff that runs them. When my youngest is ready to attend school he will be there as well. They definitely make the experience more family like. I appreciate all of you!"
--Sheena D, WCSA Parent

"When we first found out about Westside Community School of the Arts, my son wanted to transfer here to follow his passion for art and music. He has learned about the fundamentals of the arts and has excelled in them. WCSA has been a blessing to all who attend here because the kids get to learn dance, join the choir, play a school provided instrument, and participate in art where they can have their accomplishments displayed in an art show. I also love how the school is gradually growing with various clubs that the kids can be involved in along with perfectly matched instructors for each of these groups. It’s great watching my son as he takes in everything that the school has to offer him and expand on it to be the person that he’s supposed to be! Attending this school has been the best decision we have ever made!!"
--Debbi K, WCSA Parent