Support Ms. Catalani's Project!

Support Ms. Catalani's Project!
Posted on 01/30/2019
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Flexible Seating for Kindergarten

Help me give my students flexible seating options, wobble chairs, inflatable donut balls and floor cushions for on the move kindergartners.

My Students

I work in an intercity school in Cleveland, Ohio. Many of my students come to me without preschool experience and leave me as beginning readers ready for first grade.

It is not uncommon for my students to come into my classroom unable to identify the letters of the alphabet or the sounds those letters make.

At the end of the school year these same students are reading CVC words and are beginning to read leveled readers. These same students are able to take the letter sounds and begin to write phonetically.

My Project

By nature kindergarten students are energetic and always on the move. Traditional classroom set ups are not always the most developmentally appropriate for our wiggling students. In my classroom I have my students move their position in the classroom very often. We go from the carpet, to the tables, back to the carpet, with wiggle breaks in between.

Flexible seating will offer my students and I an additional seating option to choose from, giving them the ability to move when necessary in the classroom.

Often kindergarten students listen and learn better when they are offered a choice in their seating or an opportunity to experience things in a different way.

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Support Ms. Catalani's Project