Support Mrs. Ramos' Project!

Support Mrs. Ramos' Project!
Posted on 11/14/2019
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Technology for Today!

Help me give my students some technology in their classroom. With these tablets students will be able to use them to listen to stories, and educational apps.

My Students
My students are in a brand new charter school this year that is new to the state. I am looking to keep technology alive in the classroom. As of right now we have some chrome books that need to be shared within 3 grades. I want to be able to implement an iPad listening station so students can listen to stories during our daily 5 time. Students may also use iPads for educational games and apps such as Starfall. In this day and age students are very familiar with iPads or tablets and would love to be able to incorporate them at school so when they go home they can pull up an app they do at school and utilize what they have learned at school and bring it home!

My Project
With these tablets students will be able to be an active participant in our daily 5 activities. Daily 5 has a listening station where students listen to stories then respond to what they have heard. This gives students a better understanding on how to read stories and how stories should sound when reading. The tablets will also be used with apps that are educational such as Starfall and ABC mouse. These apps can be used at home as well so students are able to make connections from school to home. The tablets can be used with other technology tools in the classroom as well such as square pandas. I also plan to use the tablets with students in math. They can play engaging math games during our math centers.

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Support Mrs. Ramos' project!