Support Mr. Hall's Project! (1)

Support Mr. Hall's Project!
Posted on 11/14/2019
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Gaga Ball Pit, Not Just for Camp Anymore!

Help me give my students a Gaga Ball Pit. This is a piece of equipment which has been requested by so many students but is outside of our school budget.

My Students
I have a diverse population of excited and hardworking students and I would like to get them all of the equipment they deserve.

I am the PE/Health teacher for a K-8 school in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is my fourth year at the school and I am enjoying my time with these students. I would like to give them access to everything needed to succeed.

My students really enjoy playing fast-paced games and this would be a favorite for years to come.

My Project
Gaga Ball is a game which involves an octagon play area, a medium-sized bouncy ball, and some high energy students! The objective of the game is to hit the ball towards another player at or below knee level. This will cause the player to be removed from play. The last one in the Gaga Ball Pit is the winner.

Gaga Ball is game that I would like to bring to our school because it puts all students on an equal playing, and allows each student the opportunity to succeed no matter grade level, size, or ability.

Each year the 6th grade goes on a camping trip where they are introduced to this great game. The students then return and ask why can we not play Gaga Ball at school? I want to give them that opportunity when they return from camp and also have the chance to introduce this game to the students at a much younger grade level.

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Support Mr. Hall's project!