Support Mr. Hall's Project!

Support Mr. Hall's Project!
Posted on 01/30/2019
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Ping Pong! Both Simple and Fun!

Help me give my students the opportunity to play ping pong. These nets will help transform our lunch room tables into ping pong tables with your help.

My Students

I have a diverse population of excited and hardworking students and I would like to get them all of the equipment they deserve.

I am the PE/Health teacher for a K-8 school in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is my second year at the school and I am enjoying my time with these students. I would like to give them access to everything needed to succeed.

My students really enjoy playing fast paced games and this would be a favorite for years to come.

My Project

This ping pong equipment will give my students the opportunity to play this game effectively which they may not normally have, because these expandable nets are affordable.

These expandable nets replace the need for expensive full-size ping pong tables which my school cannot afford, but still allow for my students to learn the game of ping pong.

My students will be able to use this ping pong equipment as a Physical Education Unit, periodically when the school needs the gym and class is held in the lunch room, or other classroom teachers can use the equipment as a reward for their class.

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Support Mr. Hall's Project